Taking care of An Uninhabited Building


In a sense, a building is a living, breathing organism. Systems go on and off, regular upkeep is required, and security and defense are a must. It would not be smart to completely abandon the building, if for no other reason than developing a good impression with possible buyers. The “care and feeding” of your home is vital, whether by a member of your personnel (preferably the individual who dealt with the maintenance while you inhabited the building) or an expert supervisor. When we are worked with as a property supervisor for an uninhabited building, we use comprehensive checklists for selling a house for cash .

We begin with the exterior, and most likely, at least, an once a week inspection: What is the status of the landscaping and irrigation system? Is there unlawfully discarded particles, or paper litter? We are likewise looking for problems like pest control, graffiti, potholes and unauthorized trucks. In the winter season, we advise snow plowing, at a minimum to allow full access to the building by fire trucks. In the spring and summer, grass needs to be cut and beds cleaned.

In general, you want to make the building look as occupied as possible. We extremely suggest motion-detecting outside lighting, as well as internet electronic cameras (which are very reasonably priced today), both of which will discourage unlawful disposing and abandoned automobiles, an extremely significant headache for property supervisors today! If feasible, chains or fences at ingress and egress points of the property will also discourage this activity.

And we also want to make sure that there are no roofing system leakages, stained ceiling tiles, or birds or animals in the building. Building systems and construction are not designed for temperatures listed below freezing, so plan on keeping at least minimum heat. We likewise recommend leaving a row of lights on in the storage facility, and some lights in the office area, as soon as again to prevent break-ins or other unlawful activity.

Some our other functions are to serve as a 24/7 response (frequently behind security company independently employed by our client) for any emergencies at the building, along with supply regular written credit records on the property and actions taken. If asked for by our their client we will provide three bids from respectable contractors for any work required in excess of a defined minimum. We always obtain a composed work-order from the customer before continuing with any work at the property, except in cases of time-of-the-essence emergency situation.